InfraCo Africa and Bonergie Irrigation SAS announce the successful additional financing of 2.4 USD with the objective to install 2000 Solar  Water Pumps and 500 Irrigation systems within the next three years in Senegal.

23rd September 2021

Partners set to substantially scale access to solarpowered irrigation solutions

Dakar, Senegal: Following a successful pilot project, InfraCo Africa, part of the Private Infrastructure
Development Group (PIDG), has signed a Shareholders’ Agreement and a Loan Agreement with
Bonergie Irrigation SAS (Bonergie Irrigation) to continue supporting the scale up of the project. Under
the new agreements, InfraCo Africa will hold a large minority shareholding in Bonergie Irrigation,
committing an additional US$2.4 million to substantially scale up farmers’ access to high quality
irrigation systems in Senegal.

It has long been recognised that reliance upon rainfed agriculture exposes Senegal’s farmers to the
effects of climate change on temperature and rainfall patterns.i In 2019, InfraCo Africa joined with
solar equipment specialist Bonergie Senegal to establish Bonergie Irrigation, a local Special Purpose
Vehicle, to pilot the implementation of over 100 high quality Solar Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS).

InfraCo Africa’s CEO, Gilles Vaes, said of today’s announcement: We are excited to continue working
with our partners at Bonergie Irrigation to substantially scale up our offering to farmers in Senegal.
Access to solarpowered irrigation systems will replace existing diesel pumps, providing farmers
with a more sustainable solution to addressing the linked challenges of climate change and food

The agreements signed today will see the commissioning, sale, installation and maintenance of at least
2,000 further pumps over the next three years. In response to feedback from the pilot, the project will
also roll out over 500 drip irrigation systems (DIS) which are designed to optimise efficiency of
irrigation whilst also protecting groundwater sources from overabstraction. The systems come in a
range of sizes to suit each farmer’s needs with hire purchase financing available to spread the cost,
making the systems more affordable.

Bonergie Irrigation SAS is very proud that InfraCo Africa has decided to develop a close partnership
with us as a shareholder”, says Gabriele Schwarz, CEO of Bonergie Irrigation SAS. Their tremendous
experience will help us to supply a minimum of 2000 pumps and 500 drip irrigation systems to rural
farmers in a sustainable way. The nexus of WaterEnergyFood is one of the main topics for the
coming years and Bonergie Irrigation SAS and InfraCo Africa are in a perfect position to develop this
market in Senegal.

It is anticipated that Phase II of the Bonergie Irrigation project will be completed by the end of 2023
with InfraCo Africa continuing to support the project as a shareholder.

Please find the official press release from InfraCo here.

Announcement from InfraCo Africa and Bonergie Irrigation SAS