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Solar Energy through Microcredits.
A Social Business for people in poverty.

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Who we are

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Bonergie is a social business in Senegal in western Africa. We offer our customers a wide range of products based on solar energy, providing them with access to light, electricity and water.
The Bonergie products have been developed especially for those regions that have no connection to the local power grid. They are, however, also ideal for parallel use in urban areas, ensuring that electricity is also available during power outages.

Access to energy gives people the capacity to act. Their quality of life increases and they have the opportunity to generate income. Thanks to flexible payment plans, all Bonergie products can be acquired independently. Our customers generate their own electricity exactly where it is needed. This gives them independence and allows them to plan both their lives and work.
Our range of products comprising decentralised solar solutions covers almost every requirement. Families, small and medium-sized enterprises, communal facilities such as schools and hospitals, as well as agricultural firms can all find sustainable solutions with Bonergie.

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What we offer

verkaufOur trained sales team provides an in-depth and personal advisory service covering all issues in connection with solar energy and energy efficiency. The appropriate product is selected together with the customer, and the requirements for an optimal installation process are discussed.


technikerOur certified teams of technicians work at the respective customer's premises to ensure a perfect installation. Customers are provided with training on the handling of their solar installation. Faults are rectified immediately, and maintenance agreements ensure that the systems have a long service life.


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Bonergie offers various solar products. There is something for everybody here, from small solar lamps to large individual solar installations. Solar water pumps ensure a healthy drinking water supply and irrigate fields. All products are modular and can be added to as required. The offering is rounded off by energy-efficient end devices. All Bonergie products are of a very high quality and are almost exclusively German-produced.


finanzierungThe acquisition costs for a solar installation can represent a hurdle. Bonergie offers flexible payment plans, ensuring that people with modest incomes can also gain access to light, electricity, and water.


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