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Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps are ideal to irrigate your fields, especially if you are far away from electricity networks. Bonergie relies on the high quality of the German manufacturer Lorentz. We offer a wide range of pumps, whether you want to irrigate only a small field or you are already a professional farmer with large agricultural areas.

Installation of solar water pump with reservoir

Installation of a solar water pump on a floating pier

The solar water pumps deliver water where you need it, regardless of the source of the water. We distinguish here between two main technologies. The pumps can either pump water from surface water, e.g. from rivers, lakes or canals or they pump the water from boreholes or wells. For each situation Bonergie offers you a solution.

: Installation of a solar pump on a raft in Ndioume on the Senegal River.

A small selection of the available Lorentz pumps


Each customer has Lorentz Pump Scanner installed on their smartphone, which shows them the remaining days the pump will run.

The solar water pumps very often replace diesel pumps or even electricity powered pumps. The cost of energy – diesel or electricity – makes it difficult for farmers to operate profitably. A solar water pump often pays for itself after two years, but the initial cost is higher than for a diesel pump. Bonergie therefore offers a flexible payment plan. Farmers typically pay between 20 and 30 percent down and can pay the balance within 18 months.

The most popular models of Lorentz pumps have a so-called Asset Protection Mode module integrated into the pump, which allows our customers to pay a self-selected amount on a variable basis – whenever income is generated. Bonergie then sends a code to the customer for the number of days paid. When the code expires, the pump stops working.

The solar water pumps are ideal for combination with efficient irrigation system. Click here for an overview of Bonergie solutions.

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For the technically interested, here is a download of the data sheet for the most common solar pumps

PS2 600 C-SJ5-8
PS2 600 C-SJ8-5
PS2 1800 C-SJ5-12
PS2 1800 C-SJ8-7
PS2 4000 C-SJ8-15

Efficient Irrigation Systems

All over the world, farmers are under pressure to optimize the use of water for irrigating their fields. They are struggling with drought, evaporation, salinization and lowering of the water table. Precise irrigation is the answer to these problems. Use less water and even increase your production.

Irrigation of a field with drip irrigation from Netafim.

Melon production with drip irrigation.

Bonergie offers you variable solutions, whether for small fields of 0.5 hectares to very large plantations and greenhouses. You can freely choose between drip irrigation or sprinkler technology.

Irrigation of a field with Netafim sprinkler technology.

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