Bonergie offers solar end devices which are compatible with the solar home installations. These are particularly suitable for agricultural cooperatives, kiosks and shops as well as large families.

kuehlschrank PF166 s

kuehlschrank PF240


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Solar refrigerators and freezers are ideal for the preservation of food, including in remote areas with no access to electricity. They cool or freeze foodstuffs such as milk, meat, fish and vegetables. They are also suitable for the production of ice for cooling. Fruit juices, for example, can be chilled. Your food has a longer shelf life and thus can be marketed better.

solartrockner vorne

solartrockner panel


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Solar fruit dryers are used for the processing of food. You can dry in excess of 25 kilograms of fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, herbs, etc. every day. Using suitable packaging machines, you can produce and market your own products.

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