Do you live in a rural region and have no access to light or electricity? Or do you perhaps live in an urban district and continuously suffer from power outages?

You can become your own energy supplier.

Our Bonergie solar home systems are ideal for you and your family. You can use them to light your home, charge your mobile phone or operate a television. You can use our solar refrigerator, which is compatible with your solar home system, to cool drinks, produce ice and preserve food. An electricity supply at home allows you to operate a computer, while an internet connection enables you to link up with the entire world. Fans help to cool your home.

Small and medium-sized companies can benefit from Bonergie solar home systems. If these aren't large enough for what you need, Bonergie can of course also carry out individual installations – tailored to your requirements.
You now have access to electricity for light and the operation of small machines as well as the running of computers and the internet. Get in touch and share your ideas with us

Communal facilities – hospitals, municipal buildings and schools also require light and electricity. The Bonergie product range has a solution for all of your needs.

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> more info about Bonergie Basic Solar Kit ST100 (in french only)
> more info about Bonergie Solar Kit 250 (in french only) (available end of 2014)
> more info about Bonergie Solar Kit 500 (in french only) (available end of 2014)

Flexible payment systems
A solar installation generally represents a rather large investment. Let our team advise you in finding the system that is right for you. Thanks to our flexible payment models, taking the step to independently supply your own electricity using renewable energy is affordable for almost anyone.
Our trained team of technicians expertly performs the installation of your system and also provides you with training on its use. Should you encounter problems, all you have to do is call. Our technicians are never far away.

All of your benefits at a glance:

From small solar lamps to small, medium-sized and large solar home systems and extensive individual solutions – with Bonergie you will find the right solar product for your needs.

Flexible payment systems allow you to acquire the means to supply your own electricity.

Bonergie attaches great importance to high-quality products. Nearly all components are German-produced.

Our trained team will provide you with in-depth advice, ensuring you find the right product for you. You can begin with an entry-level model and grow with your system.

Certified technicians guarantee a flawless installation process and subsequently are available for the maintenance and servicing of the systems.