se4all-logoSE4ALL - Sustainable Energy for ALL is an initiative launched in 2011 by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Its three main objectives are: providing universal access to modern, renewable energy, doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency and doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix by 2030.

At the first annual SE4ALL Forum in New York from June 4-6, 2014, 700 representatives of government, business, international NGOs and civil society groups gathered to assess progress to date and to prepare for the upcoming Climate Summit on September 23, in New York. Billions of dollars in commitments have in the meantime been mobilized – among others by the World Bank, Bank of America, Africa Development Bank, the EU. It is to be hoped that these investment billions soon reach and benefit the people in Africa.

Kandeh Yumkella, the Secretary General's Special Representative and CEO of SE4ALL, announced that an initial two years would be focused on a campaign for energy access for women and children's health. He said, "Energy issues are global issues. But everywhere around the world, including in Africa, energy is a woman's issue. It can mean the difference between safety and fear, freedom and servitude, and even life and death. The world must come together to end energy poverty and ensure that the poor can manage their lives and thrive economically".


We at Bonergie can only confirm this. The majority of our customers in the rural areas of Senegal are women. One strong motivation for the use of solar energy is the safety aspect. For families it's important to be able to check on the children or animals after darkness falls at around 7 pm. But the possibility to make their small businesses commercially viable is also a powerful argument in favor of decentralized solar home systems. Under "Profiles" you can meet some of our customers.

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