Bonergie has operated successfully in Senegal since 2010. To date, we have installed some 400 solar lamps and 150 solar home systems (as at January 2014). Around six people benefit from a solar lamp, while a solar home system allows approximately 10 people to access light and electricity. This means that so far we have been able to provide light and power to about 3,900 people. Our medium-term objective is to supply 50,000 people in Senegal with renewable energy over the coming three years. In the long term, we are aiming to establish Bonergie in other core countries of western and central Africa.

Our sales strategy focuses on ensuring that we enjoy the closest possible links with our customers, allowing us to provide them with optimal support. Senegal is made up of 14 regions. At present, we are represented in two regions (link to contact): in the capital city of Dakar and in the southern region of Casamance with our office in Ziguinchor. We plan to open a sales office with an exhibition space in each region by 2016.

Solar installation 1Installation Mlomp


The regional offices are responsible for supporting the local sales partners. These have deep roots in the region, meaning they have direct and personal access to the local population. They speak the local languages and are also very familiar with the, in some cases, different ways in which specific ethnic groups behave.
Each regional office is home to a team of well-trained technicians who are responsible for ensuring the high-quality installation of the solar systems as well as for the provision of servicing and maintenance.
Bonergie is also building up a network of supporting partners, including government and non-government organisations, in order to facilitate the sustainable development of Africa using renewable energy as a basis.