Technology partners

Frobas GmbH
The central Bonergie products are the Bonergie 250 and Bonergie 500 solar home systems. Together with the Munich-based electronics company Frobas GmbH (, we have developed these systems especially for the African market. While the systems initially impress through their design, the primary feature of the decentralised solar home systems is their robustness and transportability. What's more, with their integrated mobile payment system they represent a solution to the enormous energy requirements both in Africa's rural regions and in urban districts where they can be used as an alternative power supply.

Lorentz solar water pumps
Bonergie has entered into a strategic partnership with the German manufacturer Lorentz with the aim of supplying water to the rural population, both for use as drinking water and for the irrigation of fields. Here, we were impressed by the company's large product range comprising robust and high-quality solar pumps as well its approach, which is very much based on partnership.

Cona Solar Drying Systems
During the cultivation of food, it is initially the irrigation of fields which is of key importance. Following the harvest, issues such as preservation and processing are vital for ensuring that food can be supplied in a stable and profitable manner. Bonergie has opted for a partnership with the expert in the area of solar food dryers, namely the Austrian company Cona Solar Drying Systems.

Steca Elektronik
The refrigeration of food and medicines is an important prerequisite for facilitating sustainable development in African countries. Bonergie has decided to use the refrigerators and freezers of the German solar electronics company Steca. A perfect addition to our solar home systems.

Our solar lamps represent the first step to accessing light. Not only do they provide light, you can also use them to charge your mobile phone. For this product category, we have opted to work with the manufacturer Niwa.


The sales concept of Bonergie envisages a decentralised approach. We want to be as close to our customers as possible, enabling us to provide them with optimal advice and support. The need for energy is enormous, but purchasing power is low. Bonergie therefore offers the chance to pay off all products in affordable monthly instalments. This is a major challenge for the entire Bonergie team. In the absence of a customer relationship management system which is based exactly on this structure and precisely depicts all of the processes involved, such a sales model would be extremely difficult to implement., the world's leading provider of cloud-based CRM solutions, supports Bonergie with licenses and expert knowledge via the Foundation. We would like to express our great thanks to this organisation.