Bonergie enables people in (western) Africa to access energy and thus provides an essential prerequisite for their economic development. The availability of light and energy allows people to assume personal responsibility for shaping their lives and in doing so overcome poverty.

The lack of access to energy is a major factor hindering the self-determined development of the population in many African countries. According to a study by Lighting Africa, a program of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the World Bank, some 600 million people and more than 10 million small businesses in Africa have no access to energy. Bonergie has set itself the task of solving this problem. We offer our customers light and electricity – an essential prerequisite for enabling them to independently determine the path their lives will take.

Televison village

This allows them to undertake value-adding activities and to generate income that they can use to feed themselves and their families. In addition to the operation of end devices, the availability of electricity also provides our customers with access to information (e.g. via the internet). This means that rural populations also have the opportunity to participate in global life, creating a link to events and happenings taking place beyond their village borders and across national frontiers.

Justine Naehen
Our solar-operated products offer a decentralised power supply. This means our customers have their own means of energy production and are thus independent of centralised energy producers.
They place their faith in the high quality of all our products and components as well as in a network of technicians who ensure the faultless operation of all systems.

An investment in solar energy reduces ongoing energy costs over the long term. Apart from the initial investment, the light and electricity is free, with continuous costs for other energy sources being eliminated (e.g. wood, kerosene, batteries, candles, diesel).

Our offerings are aimed at households in rural areas, small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular agricultural companies and cooperatives, as well as communal facilities. (Link to products)